Helping customers to deliver and guest experiences through Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

Maintain the safety of the bookers' credit card
details through Virtual Credit Card

Summarize customer data and the specification of the reservation

A virtual credit card is a randomly generated 16-digit number associated with the credit card of your guests. It functions like a regular credit card and helps guests make secure online payments by protecting their actual card details from falling into the wrong hands.

At the time of online payment, we will generate the virtual card and send it to the PMS along with reservation details. Depending on the cancellation policy it can be enabled - For example 24 Hrs prior to booking if the hotel refunds the full booking amount, the Virtual Card can be enabled exactly 24 hrs prior to check-in time.

Virtual credit cards (VCC) are slowly taking over the world of payments

The guest books a room via Expedia, for example, and they fill in all needed information (including their real credit card details). Then Expedia charges the credit card of the guest.

Next step for Expedia is to create a virtual credit card, and send a reservation confirmation including the VCC to the hotel. The hotel then charges the virtual credit card and will never know the guests’ real credit card details.

The is a faster method to receive the balance of the reservation.

Use Virtual Credit Cards for Sign-Ups and Never See Unwanted Charges on Your Credit Card Again

To know more about Expedia Virtual Card Click Here


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