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Vafion offers services and solutions to understand customer needs in wholesome to improve the customer experience as well build business efficiency. Our service offering includes solution definition, creative design, product development and mobile application development. We cater to all segments of the hospitality industry – Travel Agencies, Destination Management Companies, Online Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Consolidators, Consortia and Niche Travel Companies.

Enterprise Application Development

Creating enterprise application ,erp solutions that address all your challenges and satisfying hundreds or thousands of each of your separate requirements. Creating erp system, mobile app for high-value business applications.

API Integration Services to PMS, GDS

We help you to connect your property with PMS,OTA, Payment Gateways and GDS. Using latest technology‚ agile delivery framework and innovation we ensure quality deliverables and speedy turnaround to develop and deliver our services.

Booking Engine Development and Maintenance

Creating booking engine that creates positive experience and with highest conversion rate. We always look to integrate best practice and new technologies in every project development we take part in.

Mobile Applications

We develop cutting edge mobile applications and your own app for hotels, travel websites, vacation rentals etc to easily reach out to guests and update them about offers and promotions.

Custom Property Management System development and Refactoring

We support Custom Web Development and Property Management Software Integration and development. We have experience working with major property management software and online payments, booking engine and all business solutions.

Data Cleansing And Business Intelligence Solutions

We provide variety of data cleaning and BI solutions that enables organizations to find out the strategic value of customers, revenues and business model with M&E specific Business Intelligence solutions customizable for organizations.

Licensing System & Common Works registration

A complete solution to manage Monitoring and Evaluation companies various licensing formats and Common Works registration

Property Management System Refactoring

Development, Testing, Deploying, Maintainence and Refactoring of property management systems for hospitality industry including Hotels, Vacation Rentals, Cruises, Yatches etc

Payment Gateway Implementation Service

Our Payment Gateway Integration services enable you to receive payments online . We can also helping you choose the right service provider based on your requirements till the integration of the service with your system.

Royalty rights and content management

Our Rights management software provides accurate and timely data about which rights you own and the extent to which they are being exploited. Our Royalties management software enables you to calculate complex royalties quickly, easily and with confidence.

Digital Asset & Content Management

We provide customers with the ability to customize and deploy a solution that supports a wide variety of uses and can provide complete, enterprise-wide support with a broad range of functionality and configurability.

Custom IoT Solutions & API Integrations of IoT Platform

We provide software services that use the power of the IoT and connectivity to enable IoT deployments at any scale. Internet of Things (IoT) into the Integration of Everything (IoE) with Anypoint Platform and API-led connectivity.

Hotel Reservations Management

Our Hotel Reservation Management can provide you with creative, cost efficient planning that will save you substantial time and money.

Analytics Solutions for big data streams

Our Big Data Analytics Service puts in place data, processes, analytics tools and visualizations, coherently, by enabling faster time to insights, and enhancing the quality and reliability of insights through exploratory and self-learning models and data driven decisions.

Custom API Development for Vacation Rental Companies

We provide custom software development services and IT staffing solutions for Vacation Rental Companies. We optimize development life cycles by offering dedicated developers with specialized technology, industry experience and transparent communication and scalability, keeping projects on time and within budget.

IIoT platform API

Hands-on experince connecting Cloud based IoT platfroms with hardware data streams from Medical devices and Electronic grids.

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