Internet of Things

IoT Platform API integrations, Custom IoT solution for Healthcare device monitoring Analytics solutions for Big Data Streams from Electronic power grid, Award Winning solutions for Street-light monitoring, Better Partner Support (Carriots, Hortonworks etc)



We help our customers to deliver optimized and personalized guest experience through IIoT, Machine/Deep Learning and AI. We enable our hospitality customers to develop indoor mapping and mobile wayfinding solutions for hotels and conferences.



We help health providers, payers and application vendors connect disparate systems like Patient Portal, EHR and HIEs using web service.


Internet of Things

Responsive IoT systems, applications and devices that communicate to deliver an optimized, personalized hotel experience. Indoor apping and mobile wayfinding solutions for hotels and conferences.



We have helped entertainment organizations to secure their digital assets with licensing system and common works registrations.

API Integration services to leading travel and hospitality companies

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